Eco Africa Tree Free Paper Craft Kit (for Scrap Booking)


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Eco Africa Paper Craft Kit - ZIMBABWE

For Socially Responsible Scrap-Booking! Produced by Zimbabwe crafting cooperatives for Eco Africa

Fibers are collected from wild plants and botanicals that grow plentifully near their homes in the rural & urban areas. They include such plants as river reed, elephant grass, wild fig, cotton & sun hemp. Traditional household tools like the 'duri' and the 'guyo' are encouraged as production methods which are ecologically stable. These earth-friendly techniques support the use of various new fiber sources.

The use of these new fiber sources result in Tree Free Paper which reduces dependence on forests, indigenous woodlands, wildlife habitats and waste to landfills. The papermaking projects create work opportunities & develop skills which help women to achieve financial independence for themselves & their families.

Each sheet of paper is made from 100% cellulosic plant fiber, is lignin free, acid free & PH balance neutral.

KIT CONTAINS: two 12 x 12 sheets & assorted handmade embellishments to make up two pages. *Assorted paper shapes  *Embellishments  *Twine  * Tassels  * Wire Art  ( included is a Faux-Quill made from scorched reeds which will save the lives of thousands of porcupines who otherwise are hunted & killed for their beautiful, decorative quills.)



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