Worry No More Worry Doll Bracelet


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Fair Trade - GUATEMALA

Traditionally, the Worry Dolls are placed under the pillows in order to give peace of mind and a blissful night of sleep free from the worries of the world. We love the story of the Worry Doll, and truly believe they work. However, we don't believe the worry doll should be limited to bedtime only. Instead, we feel that during the day the worries of the world become more evident and we wished to make something more permanent.

These necklaces & bracelets adorned with worry doll pendants are designed to keep your days worry free. Each pendant symbolizes a simple yet important message:  WORRY NO MORE!

They are made in various colors:

This bracelet is BLUE & PURPLE 

Approximately 10 inches long - tie together.

Please check the site for other color combinations

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