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Fair Trade - GHANA

Handmade Fruit Basket by a weaver in the Upper East region of Ghana, West Africa. Bolgatanga.

This piece measures about 13 inches diameter and 3 inches in depth.

- There are several small villages around the Bolgatanga region that host these skilled artisans in small and large groups. Basket weaving has been taking place in this region for many decades as a traditional family art of the Fra-Fra (Gurunsi) people passed down through many generations. These brilliant works of art have been a mainstay collector's item across the world for years - which have made the name Bolga Baskets a household name.

The basket making process is started by collecting a sustainably harvested wild grass called Kinkanhe near a town named Kumasi not far from the Bolga region. The grass is then dried and trimmed to even lengths, and then becomes straw. Next the straw is split into two pieces and rolled into a twist. The colored straw is then dyed with a nontoxic colorfast dye in small batches to give the wonderfully vibrant array of colors that you see in each basket. A weaver will start weaving and complete one basket at a time until an incredibly intricate work of art is complete. Depending on the model and the weaver, a basket can take from four to twenty hours to complete. 

Your purchase of a Bolga Basket will help a family in Ghana build a better tomorrow.

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