Ceramic Sugar Skull - 2 1/2 inch


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Ceramic Sugar Skull - Fair Trade Guatemala

Created within a socially responsible atmosphere - no child labor or any methods that violate human rights. The large majority of their production is done within the homes of Maya descendants who live in the lowlands and highlands of Guatemala.

100% Handmade

For the Mayas, the duality between life and death was a cycle where matter or the body would disintegrate but the soul would subsist. It would take four to five years in order to reach Xibalba (the underworld) After this time, the spirit would dilute and enter through the breath of a pregnant woman in order to be reborn in another human being to begin a new cycle.  Death is the opportunity to be reborn.


Celebrations of Día de los Muertos, which can be traced back to Mayan and Aztec times, have one thing in common - remembering and honoring the dead.


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