Matryoshka holding Ornaments Set


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Matryoshka Holding Ornaments Set


This is the smaller size - 4 1/2 inch

100% Natural Linden Wood


This matryoshka maiden opens to reveal five ornaments on gold strings. The ornaments are usually a man, a woman, a child, a snowman, and a Christmas tree, but may vary from doll to doll. 

The hand painting is beautiful, and trimmed with delicate gold foil work. Give someone a delightful surprise when they open this doll up!


Rural Artisans in Bangladesh


Your purchase helps extremely poor artisans in remote areas in Bangladesh struggling to sustain a craft-based livelihood. Where few other options for income exist, generations of skilled Bangladeshi artisans are able to earn an income from craft, preserving this country's fine hand-crafting heritage.

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