Arpillera Nativity Creche Wall Hanging


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Arpillera Nativity Wall Hanging

Fair Trade PERU

An artist from Peru created this artwork for the wall from scratch using just her creativity, little pieces of fabrics, fine hand stitching and lots of imagination.

Recycled Originality: This charming 3D arpillera art scene is the result of a collaborative effort between designer Alessandra Bravo and top Peruvian arpillera artists.

Each piece is creatively designed and hand stitched with recycled scraps of fabrics as an original artwork and comes signed by the artist.

Your arpillera will be always a one-of-a-kind and details will vary.

Hanging: This 3D arpillera or textile art piece comes ready to hang as it has an opening on the back which allow for insertion of a rod for easy hanging.

12 1/2" L x 11 1/2" W

90% Cotton / 10% Acrylic


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