Copper Bronze & Iron Enamel Owl Ornament


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Copper , Bronze and Iron Enamel Owl Ornament

Fair Trade CHILE

Measures 3" x 3" with a 1 1/2" drop

These days, copper, the once inexpensive metal, is stolen from utility companies, railroads and hardware stores as worldwide demand skyrockets. But enamel artisans in Chile know that copper provides the best adherence for enamel, viscous glass baked on metal and continue to use it in making ornaments. Ornaments made from bronze and copper are either accented with small pieces of enamel or entirely coated with enamel with dramatic effects.

The difficulties in working with enamel multiplies when one is working in a country where utilities and transport are reliable - and raw material not easily obtained. The pieces are not just hand made art, they illustrate the lifelong commitment the artisans have to their craft. 


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