Wild Hemp & Wool Square 'Check' Red & Black Headband


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Wild Hemp & Wool Square 'Check' Red & Black Headband

Fair Trade NEPAL

Fleece lined for soft extra warmth.  

Our knit items are knit by women in their homes while their children are in school. Organized into small neighborhood groups, one woman is elected as a team leader. The team leader picks up the pre dyed wool and delivers the wool and orders weekly. She then will pick up the finished product and deliver them to the main office. Once at the main office they do the finishing, lining and final quality control.

For Nepali women it is vital to be able to work in their homes while caring for their children and at the same time gain a fair income. This income gives them a larger voice in their homes and allows many to keep their children in school.



Sustainable and Fair Trade - from the Himalayas of Nepal

About Wild Hemp -

- Grows Wild

- No pesticides or irrigation

- Rooted in tradition

- Sustainably harvested

- Fairly paid artisans

- Strong and durable

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