Cause Connection Bracelet - EDUCATE (Tara Projects / Bawana)


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Cause Connection Bracelet - EDUCATE

Donations go to Tara Projects / Bawana

The Educate bracelet creates goodness on so many levels! Each three-stranded bracelet is not only handmade by women artisans in India, but it also provides funds to help educate children in India's Bawana community. We donate 15% of the wholesale price of these bracelets directly to the Bawana community through our artisan partners Tara Projects.

+ This beautifully carded design makes a great gift item; the colorful strands stretch to fit most wrists.

+ Shop all eight styles in our Cause Bracelet Collection.

+ Feel good! This bracelet is changing lives.


    This bracelet HELPS -

-Further the education of youth in the resettlement community of Bawana, India

-Reduce child labor by offering schooling to families who could not afford it

-Operate several learning centers for more than 1,000 children in Northern India

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