Blue Pottery HAMSA Incense Holder - Jalini


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Blue Pottery HAMSA Incense Holder - Jalini

Fair Trade INDIA


A design of master craftsmanship of Blue Pottery of Jaipur with intricately hand painted detail and lead-free glaze. Pottery is an age-old art in India. Artisans in Rajasthan use a potterswheel, handmade molds, and their hands to shape natural clay into beautiful works of functional art with a polished finish. 


Measures approximately 4.25" L, 2.25" W, 0.5" H.

Wipe clean.


Jaipur Blue Pottery

This beautiful craft continues to be the outcome of the creative expression and skill of the craftsmen at Jaipur.

The name ‘Blue Pottery’ comes from the eye-catching blue dye that is used to color the pottery. Some of the pottery is semi-transparent and most are decorated with animal and bird motifs. The pottery has a unique appearance as it is made using Egyptian paste, is glazed and low-fired. This is an art-form that stands distinguished from all other forms of pottery owing to its usage of a special dough prepared by mixing quartz stone powder, powdered glass, Multani Mitti (Fuller’s Earth), borax, gum and water. It is the only pottery in the world that does not use clay. The technique beautifully produces decorative items like tiles, door knobs, pots, vases and plates.





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