Acai Seed Red Necklace


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ACAI SEED Red Necklace

Fair Trade ECUADOR

Natural, sustainable acai seeds are dyed in jewel-tone colors, each element revealing its own unique shape and natural pattern. Colors may vary slightly. Waxed fiber cords are adjustable to size as you like. Accented with brass-colored seed beads. adjusts to 35"l


Camari provides rural artisans and farmers in Ecuador with fair wages via access to international fair trade markets. Your purchase brings hope, justice, and well-being to these individuals, their families, and their communities.

Since 1980, Camari has tackled the difficulties inherent in marketing rural handicrafts and small-scale agriculture. This fair trade organization provides marginalized producers in remote regions throughout Ecuador not just access to financing and business training, but to consumers worldwide. Rather than selling their fine handicrafts and agricultural products to intermediaries at a price too low to make a living, these rural artisans and farmers sell their products through Camari to international markets at a wage they can live on. In the Quechua language, camari means "gift," and this fair trade organization has been a gift to the people of Ecuador. More than 500 artisans and farmers in 18 of the country's 22 provinces have benefited from Camari's commitment to market and export traditional Ecuadoran products.



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