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Lapping waves of gentle percussion, fingerpicked nylon-string guitars, and laid-back, caressing vocals are the order of the day at this café. Another well-chosen track list from Putumayo is at the heart of this salute to 21st century Brazilian singer/songwriters. Second-generation bossa nova stars Ana Costa and Katia B. do their forebears proud on salty-sweet numbers that sound fresh while honoring the old guard. Other inviting tracks include Marcia Salomon's sultry "Quando o Carnaval Chegar" and Brazilian ex-pat Márcio Faraco's "Na Casa Do Seu Humberto," featuring a whispery vocal over a quietly urgent guitar part. Where the majority of songs have a folksy, rustic quality, Toco's "Otro Lugar" stands out as a polished gem with sparkling production and an ultra-smooth delivery that suggests cool caipirinhas sipped on white sand. Fans of samba and bossa nova will enjoy the selections, and new listeners will find this a handy introduction to the Brazilian music renaissance. Paula Carino, Rovi

  • Genre: World, Jazz
  • Subgenre: Latin America, Latin Jazz/World Fusion



Tracks 1–12 of 12

  1. Embola Bola (Cateretê) 2.34 
  2. Na Casa Do Seu Humberto 4.42 
  3. Para Não Contrariar Você 3.02 
  4. Tempo Interno 3.09 
  5. Feliz e Triste 2.55 
  6. Outro Lugar 3.21 
  7. Viajei 3.51 
  8. Pequena Música Noturna 2.59 
  9. Vumbora Amar 3.15 
  10. Quando o Carnaval Chegar 2.3 
  11. Força Da Imaginação 3.15 
  12. Pra Que Pedir Perdão 5.18

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