Flowers For Footsies Gift Set


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Flowers for Footsie Gift Set

Foot Spa Kit!

Fair Trade BALI

This sweet little gift box will share everything you need to keep your hard working feet happy!  It features a hand carved pumice stone flower, a hand carved wooden nail brush and floral shaped organic jasmine soap. Presented on a "nest" of vetiver, which is an aromatic water root that helps to retard mildew & bugs while producing a relaxing scent.   These wonderful products are contained in a lavender colored fabric box screen printed in a floral spray.  
HINT: Do NOT discard your vetiver at the bottom of the gift box! Tie it with a ribbon or cord & nestle in a drawer of your best clothing - or hang in your closet! This is what is used for keeping fine silks protected in Bali & other countries. 
When the scent diminishes simply spritz it with a bit of water & it comes right back!

Dimensions: 5.25 x 5.75 x 2 (box size in inches)

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