Bamboo Slide Flute - Shipibo Design 4


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Bamboo Slide Flute - Shipibo Design

Fair Trade PERU

Finely crafted Artisan made bamboo flute. Hand painted with beautiful, native motifs. Moveable slider to change notes.

Made in Perú.

Measures about 6 inches long.

Shipibo - 

 are an indigenous people (currently numbering only about 20,000) who live along the Ucayali river in the Amazon basin east of the Andes. 

The Shipibo are known for labyrinthine geometric designs that reflect their culture and their cosmology.  The main elements of the designs are the square, the rhombus, the octagon and the cross, which  “represents the southern Cross constellation which dominates the night sky and divides the cosmos into four quadrants…” Other symbols that can be featured in the designs are the Cosmic Serpent, the Anaconda and various plant forms, notably the caapi vine used in the preparation of the sacramental drug Ayahuasca.  There is an intriguing tie between the visual and aural in Shipibo art:  “the Shipibo can listen to a song or chant by looking at the designs, and inversely paint a pattern by listening to a song…”


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