Key Ring / Key Chain Tagua Nut LOVE 6


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Tagua Nut Key Ring  LOVE


Fair Trade Ecuador

Since each tagua nut is of varying size - these key rings will vary in length from 1 inch to 2 inches or more.

Laser cut words on brightly dyed tagua nut. 

Tagua is an ivory-like NUT that is harvested from palm trees indigenous to the South American countryside in the rain forest. These nuts are not for human consumption, therefore, there is not a great value in them leaving the trees in danger of being cut down & decreasing the rain forest. 

YOUR purchase of a tagua product is helping to protect the rain forest - the earth's animals and environment. It is also providing much needed jobs for farmers and artisans.

Tagua products encourage the growth and maintenance of the Tagua palm which encourages reforestation!

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