Hippo Stuffed Animal - Cotton


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Hippo Stuffed Animal - Cotton

Fair Trade PERU

Knit with 100% cotton with natural dyes.

  • 100% cotton yarn with polyfill stuffing
  • 8 inches x 5 inches
  • Recommended Age: Newborn and up

Machine wash cold - Dry Flat

Grupo El Mercurio, Huancavelica-Huancavelica

Displace by the terrorism in the 1980's, the members of El Mercurio have rebuilt their lives on the mountainside of Huancavelica in the central Andes. Faced by economic hardships and unemployment, a few women began a group which knit finger puppets. Their success has allowed them to include over 30 new women from their community and expand their product line to include organic stuffed animals.

El Mercurio named their group for the famous 16th century mercury mine in the region which they fled.

Building Bridges between Artisans of Excellence and Socially Responsible Consumers.


El Mercurio has continued growing. There have been problems along the way like in everything that is just starting up, but being enterprising women with good help from Fair Trade, they have continued moving forward. Today, every one of the 30 members of El Mercurio has a story of struggle but also a story of success that keeps them pushing on. They are grateful to their customers for continuing to support them through the years and for providing valuable training that has helped them grow in many ways.

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