Wool Felt Birdhouse - Nepal FLYING PIG


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These 100% hand felted wool birdhouses are decorative, adorable and functional. While they make a charming addition to indoor decor, they are also outdoor friendly and used by small adventurous birds such as Wrens, Nuthatches and Titmice. Many of our customers HAVE reported seeing Wrens, Chickadees, Titmice and even a Bluebird going inside. The naturally water and dirt resistant woolen fibers make them remarkably and naturally durable. They rarely get wet inside and surface moisture quickly dries out following exposure to any rain or snow.

Each birdhouse is made with sustainably sourced materials at a fair trade production center in Nepal using special techniques that include needle felting and embroidery. They are made from naturally water resistant sheep'swool, braided hemp hanging cord and a bamboo perch. Each one is lightly packed with a twist of recycled paper to maintain shape in shipping, and is easy to remove when ready to use.

The 1.25'' diameter opening is the appropriate size for Chickadees, Wrens, Titmice, Nuthatches and Downy Woodpeckers. The hole can be enlarged to 1.5'' to accommodate Bluebirds and Swallows by gently stretching the opening.

As with any textile, colors will begin to gently fade if exposed to full sun after 1-2 months. Hand felted wool is remarkably strong and durable. Expect it to last a year or more in fully exposed weather. If left in a protected place such as a porch, or especially inside then it could last forever.

Need to do spring cleaning? To clear out a bird'snesting material, use the convenient clean out door at the bottom of most styles. Twigs and brush left in the house from earlier occupants can also be pulled out through the front hole

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