Birdhouse - Roosting Basket HUT


Bird House - Roosting Basket - Haiti

This is a Fair Trade Product

A 'Roosting Basket' WITH HUT ROOF completely created of Vetiver grass.Ê

Measures about about 12"h.











Vetiver is an aromatic grass indigenous to Haiti. It has been used to treat muscular aches, improve circulation, relieve melancholy and nervous tension, and to ensure restful sleep. Valued by the perfume industry for its fragrance-holding properties - used inÊa great varietyÊperfumes and colognes.

Vetiver's fast growing, deep roots help prevent soil erosion from water runoff - a renewable natural resource.

Perhaps most notable is vetiver's contribution to soil and water conservation. This grass is becoming globally recognized as a first line defense in sediment control, land stabilization, and rehabilitation.

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