Kagwala Graduated Paper Bead Necklace


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Kagwala Graduated Paper Bead Necklace

Fair Trade - UGANDA


This necklace is 25 inches.

The Kagwala is our most popular paper beaded necklace.  They can be 22" to 32" (due to their handmade nature)o f color that will go when you dress up, dress casual, or dress for fun. 

We start with small beads on the ends and then the beads graduate in size to the large bead in the middle. 

Everyone loves this necklace!!

Made of recycled paper by widows & abandoned wives in Nawansega, Uganda. Each bead is made by cutting the paper into long strips & individually hand rolling it around a needle. The beads are then strung, hand dipped into sealant and hung to dry. The women do this once a day for 6 days, making the entire process of creating a piece of beaded jewelry about a week from start to finish.


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