Kariba Sunset Sundried Tomato Pepper Grinder


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Kariba Sunset Sundried Tomato Pepper Grinder


1.59 Ounce

Through Ukuva iAfrica (sense of Africa in ixi-Xhosa), World Fair Trade Organization member Turqle Trading takes us on a journey through many of Africa's varied flavors and cuisines. Carefully assembled small batches are presented with beautifully adorned packaging that tells how each spice blend was inspired.

Kariba Sunset combines sun-dried tomato, black peppercorns, roasted garlic, red onion, red bell pepper, olives and basil in a fascinating blend that adds salty taste without actually adding salt. Kariba Sunset is excellent with grilled, fried, slow-cooked or pot roasted beef, and on tomato-based salads with Italian cheese, basil and pine nuts.



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