About SIS International Shop - Fair Trade

We offer a wholly Fair Trade shop 

Coffee, Tea and Chocolate - as well as an ever-changing selection of the world of Fair Trade! Oil Drum Art from Haiti, Baskets, & Shona Sculptures, Jewelry, Scarves, Winter Wear, Hand-carved Wood, Capiz, Wall Hangings ... so many wonderful pieces to choose from.  And the Holidays! You have to experience it!  563-424-2012  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Fair Trade is a market-based approach to connecting marginalized artisans and producers to trade in a responsible manner.  Many times, marginalized artisans do not have the knowledge or tools to participate in trade, and as a result, they are at risk of either being exploited or losing their art. Fair trade supports those producers and respects basic workers' rights.  Fair Trade principles require fair wages for artisans and creation of sustainable jobs in safe working conditions, promoting eco-friendly products & practices, and eliminating child labor.


Every time you purchase a fair trade product, you are buying a story of equality, transparency and respect. When you buy such goods, you are openly expressing your values. Fair Trade is nothing more than simply being fair. Your purchase becomes a step forward towards the eradication of poverty, while creating higher standards of living. You spark change by creating a demand of Fair Trade products in your local stores. As demand grows, the higher the impact you create on producers and their families.


Fair Trade organizations work directly with producers which helps eliminate any exploitative transactions. In return, you are able to enjoy a product you love at an affordable price, while a greater return goes back to the producer community. This allows them to preserve their culture and shape a better future for generations to come.  Also, Fair Trade gifts and accessories are mostly artisanal handmade pieces, which make them unique in themselves.


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